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Not everyone is part of a church or specific religion or spirituality. TUFF Services Ministries understands that Individuals, couples and families seek care and services, that are personal and professional and these services should also respect their own interfaith beliefs and needs. (Click here for more information)  

We are always available for you and your family with non-judgmental comfort and support. Our focus is on building a relationship with you and strengthening the bonds with our neighbors in our community. If you need immediate assistance, or would like to learn more about our organization and the many community resources we provide, please contact us at: (800) 649-0925.


"Certified Comfort, Support and Trauma Relief Services Are Waiting For You"


We Provide a Personalized and Custom Proactive Employee Care Service for Your Corporation, Organization or Facility

Emergency Support Services Provided to Chaplains/Clergy, First Responders and Military Personnel

A Ministry Centered on Providing Awareness, Prevention Education and Healing Support and Postvention Support Groups

This Is A New Suicide Survivors Support Group -- *Coming Soon To Henderson and Las Vegas* 

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Comprehensive Assistance, Providing Tools and Resources for Successful Re-Entry Into the World

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Nationally Certified Suicide Prevention Training:


If you are in crisis, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or contact the Crisis Text Line by texting TALK to 741 741.


The Corporate Spiritual Care Program

Here are some additional unique program services being provided. For more information Click Here.

Dinisha Mingo

CEO/Director/Counselor    MHS Behavioral Services  

I provide quality mental health services to our population needs and set an expected standard of excellence in mental healthcare through provider quality, compassion, education and experience. 

Rev. Bryan Ostaszewski

  Certified Pastoral Counselor-    Suicide Prevention Instructor

I provide Certified Pastoral Counseling and Life Coaching Services and Nationally Certified Suicide Awareness, Prevention and Postvention classes and workshops with approved state CEU and CME credits for trainings in: SafeTalk, ASIST and YMHFA. 

Faye Kelly

       Executive Director         H.O.P.E. Counseling Services

“Our mission is to bring "healing" to the wounded emotionally, mentally, physically, and/or sexually; "overcoming" the challenges of trauma; "preventing" further abuse to self and others; "empowering" healthy change through strength based behavioral and cognitive services."

Patti Stevens

  Mind/Body Mentor -Owner Life Balanced Naturally

I provide wellness and balance through self-care trainings, classes and workshops. Some include: Reiki Sessions, Hatha Yoga-Pilates, Trauma Recovery Yoga and other self-healing opportunities.

“Pastoral Counseling, Coaching & Trauma Relief Services”


What Is Pastoral Counseling?

People get hurt, frustrated and discouraged for a number of reasons. Some people create their own troubles through wrong decisions and actions. Many people suffer at the hands of others or simply because of circumstances beyond their control. This is especially true for those who are facing tough times through no fault of their own --good people who love and walk with God until the wounds of life turn them away. Please CLICK HERE to view our most current flyer.

Life can be pretty unmerciful. Loss of a loved one, loss of a job, a financial challenge or ruin, betrayal, a bad marriage, an illness like cancer: all involve that sick feeling inside that life is not the way it is supposed to be. When it isn't, we instinctively work to recover what we lost. If the answers don't come quickly, stomachs start to turn, ulcers bleed, tempers flare and the wounds begin to go deep into the soul.

Our normal reactions to life's ambush on the soul and its destructive assault on our bodies, marriages and relationships can get ugly fast. Either we get angry, or we fall victim to a gnawing anxiety that drives us deep into the shadow lands of fear. We shouldn't blame anybody for his or her initial reactions to these attacks. The downward spiral from assault to ambush to anger and anxiety happens to both good and bad people alike. We are all susceptible to this overwhelming journey into the abyss of pain.

TUFF Services Ministries would like to take you on a personal journey. It's a journey during which you're going to have to be brutally honest with yourself. It may be uncomfortable--you might see pieces of yourself that you don't like. No matter how difficult, hold on to hope because there is healing in this journey that we will take together! "By understanding the process and path of brokenness, you begin to heal. If you can understand the why of your wounds, then the how of coming out of your pain will begin to make sense."

First, ask yourself these questions: Are you currently struggling with the true meaning of your life? Do you feel empty, without any purpose or direction? Do you feel you will never achieve your dreams, hopes or goals? Please CLICK HERE to view our current flyer.

So who then uses a Pastoral Life Coach? Any individual who is committed and who really wants to thrive and improve their personal and professional lives. No matter how hard we try, juggling all of life's many responsibilities can be tricky. There are times when we find ourselves "stuck" in an area. Rather than spinning your wheels needlessly on your own, get strategic. As a Pastoral Life Coach, we are here to help you get "unstuck." What makes coaching powerful? To have a partner whose only interest is your success. Pastoral Coaching is empowering others. People are at least twice as fruitful when in coaching relationships. Good coaching empowers people to take the appropriate next steps for their personal development. 

Some of the benefits of Pastoral Coaching are:

Discover your life purpose and walk in your destiny 

•Restore balance to your life
•Get fresh perspectives on personal challenges and opportunities
•Enhance your thinking and decision making skills
•Improve your effectiveness
•Build your confidence 
•Demolish mindsets that are holding you back
•Communicate more effectively
•Improve your relationships
•Deal with weight, health or fitness issues once and for all
•Develop an effective plan of action 
Providing encouragement for the journey

•Cultivating wisdom and strategic insights
•Discovering breakthrough opportunities
•Maintaining focus on the truly important
•Transforming vision into reality

A coach is flexible enough to be helpful in a variety of ways, depending on the needs of the people involved. Quality coaching is about much more than individual skills – it’s about using those skills together to accomplish a process. By taking someone through this coaching process, a coach can help that person accomplish his or her goals. Skills are needed to achieve that process, but must be used with this bigger picture in mind to achieve the desired results.

Life is too short and too precious to stay in a rut. Call us today. We will partner with you to clarify how you got stuck, what's keeping you there and what we can do to get you "unstuck" as soon as possible. You've come too far to let obstacles hold you back. "Let us help get you back on track and achieve an abundant and successful life today!"

Community Tools:


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