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We are looking for compassionate and caring individuals who want to help us continue to bring a new level of outreach services to Southern Nevada. We would like to have a very diverse team of volunteers from the community, who make significant contributions of time and talent to our mission of making a difference in the lives of people in Southern Nevada. Community service is that “feel good” activity that many want to accomplish, but don’t always make the time for. With everyone so busy with family and work, it is sometimes tough to make volunteering a priority. Here are several reasons why volunteering is more than just an opportunity to feel good about yourself and is actually a valuable use of your time.

Below are some of the most important benefits of volunteering:

  • Gives you a way to help others
  • Helps improve your community
  • Can help strengthen your resume and college applications
  • Can be a way to meet new friends
  • Often results in personal growth
  • Gives you a way to gain work experience and learn more about certain jobs

Community Service Betters Your Community

This is the most obvious reason. Why not take the time to make the community that you live in better? Simply by volunteering a few hours a month, you can have a huge impact with just a small investment of your time. Volunteer activities can include events such as park and street cleanups, local school projects, serving food at your local food pantry, helping with youth activities, and more. Volunteering in these activities will have high returns where it matters most to you and your family.

Volunteering Makes You an Example 

Volunteering not only makes an impact on the greater community, but it impacts your family and friends directly. If you have children, this is a great teaching and mentoring experience for them. If you can, do your best to find volunteer opportunities that you can bring your kids to, where they too can volunteer and help. This will teach them that giving back is not only the right thing to do, but helping others and the environment is investing in their future. It’s also a nice opportunity to create group volunteer events, which you and your friends can participate in to make an even bigger impact. With social media being so ubiquitous these days, group volunteering with friends can spread like wildfire across networks, which will create a positive word of mouth on the volunteer experience and organization for you and your friends.

Enhance Your Skills and Gain More Experience

This is one benefit that many don’t realize, but is maybe one of the most important reasons to volunteer. You may have seen terms about volunteering such as “micro-volunteering” or “skills based volunteering.” These are new concepts that are proving to be the most valuable to volunteers and organizations. Micro-volunteering or skills based volunteering means taking the skills you possess (often through your work experience) and applying it to a volunteer opportunity in small increments of time.

Code of Ethics

TSVP  (Tuff Services Volunteer Program) is a secular and non-political community outreach volunteer program. It is open to people of all faiths and ideologies who wish to come together in the spirit of compassion, curiosity, and community friendship. As an outreach community program, TSVP is welcoming, supportive, inclusive, and fun. We value open-mindedness and respect for the richness of cultures in and around our community.

TSVP asks that anyone participating in our activities follow these guidelines:

  • Demonstrate awareness of, sensitivity to, and respect for other values, beliefs, viewpoints, systems, and cultures.
  • Recognize their own culture and value orientations and be aware of how those orientations affect their interactions with people from other cultures.
  • Respect all persons without regard to race, color, national origin, ethnicity, sex, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, age, political opinion, immigration status, or disability.
  • Avoid proselytizing. Proselytizing is defined as unsolicited, coercive, manipulative and/or hidden persuasion that seeks to influence others to adopt another way of thinking, believing or behaving, particularly in relation to religious and political views.
  • Refrain from exploiting, threatening, coercing, disrespecting, or sexually harassing others.
  • Seek appropriate guidance and direction when faced with ethical dilemmas.

Please help us ensure that the (TSVP) Tuff Services Volunteer Program is a place where community friendships can truly flourish. Contact us immediately if anyone involved in a TSVP activity does not respect the above guidelines. (800) 649-0925

What are the requirements to become a volunteer?

  • Be at least 18 years of age in order to complete the online application
  • Have a valid I.D. and/or active Driver's License
  • Complete the on-line application
  • Once accepted, schedule an interview
  • Pass a background check
  • Provide a color photo (passport type)
  • Sign a liability waiver
  • Be in good physical and mental health
  • Upload proof negative proof of tuberculosis
  • Pass a drug screening or provide proof or clearance
  • Be able to communicate effectively in English (second language skills are a plus)
  • Be able to commit to at least 100 hours of service per year (minimum 2 hours of service per week)
  • Attend scheduled specific program trainings

Please Note:

  • If you cannot commit to the 100 hour requirement, please contact us at: (800) 649-0925 short-term community volunteer opportunities within the Tuff Services Volunteer Program
  • We do not take volunteers receiving academic credit or court-ordered community service.

What does Tuff Services look for in volunteers?

TSVP Volunteer Program looks for candidates who believe in our Mission, Vision, and Values. During the interview process we are looking for volunteers that:

  • Have the desire to be a part of something larger than yourself.  - Teamwork
  • Want to give back to your community and balance your needs with those of our clients and their families. - Wholeness
  • Are honest, trustworthy, and reliable. - Integrity and Respect
  • Show kindness and concern for others. - Compassion
  • Have the skills necessary to help us reach our goal of offering the best possible community experience. - Excellence


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Questions about becoming a volunteer?  You can contact us at: (800) 649-0925. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please complete the e-mail form provided below.
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