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Serving Las Vegas and surrounding areas, Mental Health Spectrum is more than a simple directory: it provides a wide range of information intended to advocate, educate, and inform the community at large on all matters concerning mental health. Along with provider listings, it contains information on hospital listings, hotlines, helplines, support groups, state/local nonprofit agencies, and much more. Please check out our website at:  www.mentalhealthspectrum.com



Vol. #3 -Issue 1 -Substance Use: Addition - Recovery (Part 2 of 2)

Vol. #3 -Issue 2 -Minority Mental Health (Part 1 of 2)

Vol #3 -Issue 3  -Domestic Violence and Abuse

Vol #3 -Issue 4  -Mental Health Fitness

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Digital Issues:     (To view past issues, please click on the specific issue month below)

Vol. #1 ISSUE #1 (February 2021) -School-Based Mental Health: K-16

Vol. #1 ISSUE #2 (May 2021) Depression 111: The Depression Realm

Vol. #1 ISSUE #3 (August 2021) Suicide 988: Crisis and Prevention

Vol. #1 ISSUE #4 (November 2021) Loss 211: Anguish, Grief and Sorrow 

Vol. #2 ISSUE #1 (February 2022) -School Based Mental Health: K-16

Vol. #2 ISSUE #2 (May 2022) -PTSD: Civilians - Veterans

Vol. #2 ISSUE #3 (August 2022) -Dementia: Alzheimer's - Wernicke - Korsakoff

Vol. #2 ISSUE #4 (November 2022) -Substance Use: Addiction - Recovery (Part 1 of 2)

Vol. #3 ISSUE #1 (February 2023)  -Substance Use: Addiction - Recovery (Part 2 of 2)

Vol. #3 ISSUE #2 (May 2023)  -Minority Mental Health (Part 1 of 2)


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