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Crisis Response Chaplains is "Officially Chartered" and its existence is validated as an independent ministry, through the National Association Of Christian Ministers.  We are a unique group of interfaith Chaplains, trained and certified in an abundance of areas with an emphasis on crisis and critical incident trauma and stress assistance. We focus on breaking the silence, asking the tough questions, and providing comfort and support in a crisis or in disaster situations, while being sensitive to the facts of potential suicidal ideation and negative thoughts that come with a variety of intense feelings of shame, guilt, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and substance abuse. 


Crisis Response Chaplains in crisis and disasters provide a caring ministry on the field of crisis and disasters, during and after the occurrence, to any victim of the crisis or disaster. These caregivers receive specialized training in crisis and spiritual interventions. A vital aspect of disaster chaplaincy is “the ministry of presence.” A major premise of care amid crisis is presence. The care of souls first requires being there. Simple, empathic, listening presence is a primary pastoral act, the presupposition of all other pastoral acts.

The power of this ministry is in its altruistic service. If chaplains provide compassion by hearing another’s burdens, then the chaplains choose to “suffer with” those who are suffering. Providing compassion requires stepping out of one’s comfort zone and intentionally entering a place of crisis – danger, pain, loss or grief – during the spiritual and emotional crises of life. 

Therefore, the chaplain cannot deny the reality of the crisis, should not minimize the sense of loss it causes, and may not be able to diminish any of the pain. But, the chaplain offers the comfort of a "Higher Power" presence through words of comfort and assurance. Presence may invite a sense of community within the crisis, may lead to healing reconciliation, or may reconnect a disenfranchised person with their higher power belief.


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