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Pastoral Counseling

People get hurt, frustrated and discouraged for a number of reasons. Some people create their own troubles through wrong decisions and actions. Many people suffer at the hands of others or simply because of circumstances beyond their control. This is especially true for those who are facing tough times through no fault of their own. Please place your cursor on the "Counseling" section above to open a full menu of resources. And please CLICK HERE to view our most current flyer.

Life can be pretty unmerciful. Loss of a loved one, loss of a job, a financial challenge or ruin, betrayal, a bad marriage, an illness like cancer: all involve that sick feeling inside that life is not the way it is supposed to be. When it isn't, we instinctively work to recover what we lost. If the answers don't come quickly, stomachs start to turn, ulcers bleed, tempers flare and the wounds begin to go deep into the soul.

Our normal reactions to life's ambush on the soul and its destructive assault on our bodies, marriages and relationships can get ugly fast. Either we get angry, or we fall victim to a gnawing anxiety that drives us deep into the shadow lands of fear. We shouldn't blame anybody for his or her initial reactions to these attacks. The downward spiral from assault to ambush to anger and anxiety happens to both good and bad people alike. We are all susceptible to this overwhelming journey into the abyss of pain.

When our pain continues to go unresolved, a heaviness begins to envelop our lives, leaving us feeling terribly alone and alienated. As we feel more and more isolated from others, we are often perceived as arrogant and uncaring, but our hearts are blinded by pain.

This leads to dangerous diversions and flirtations with experiences, things, or relationships that seem to dull our pain--what is called "adulteries of the heart." Finally, we begin to descend even more on our journey into addiction--diversions and flirtations become fixed and compulsive idols, we cling to in our pain and desperation. Negativeness whispers lies to immobilize us, diluting our hope for a better life.

As we plummet toward the bottom, we may even lose heart and begin to doubt even our own character. The good news is through our brokenness and powerlessness, there is a path to healing. New beginnings start with an understanding of what has happened each step of the way on the downward spiral. Your natural tendency will be to bypass the effort to understand your pain, instead of focusing on recovery. 

TUFF Services Ministries would like to take you on a personal journey. It's a journey during which you're going to have to be brutally honest with yourself. It may be uncomfortable--you might see pieces of yourself that you don't like. No matter how difficult, hold on to hope because there is healing in this journey, that we will take together! By understanding the process and path of brokenness, you begin to heal. If you can understand the why of your wounds, then the how of coming out of your pain will begin to make sense.

"Let Us Take You On A Journey Of Hope And Healing"

At the TUFF Services Ministries, our goal of Pastoral Counseling is to help an individual think about their current struggles in the context of a confidential, caring environment.  "We truly care about your well being and are here to assist you" 

Our Counselor, Reverend Bryan Ostaszewski, is an ordained nondenominational Minister. He has been involved in religious-theology practices and studies for over 25 years and has additional education and experience with many different religions. He is a Certified Pastoral Trained Counselor and Life Coach providing: Marriage, Family, Grief, Spiritual and General life guidance. Your counseling experience will utilize guided questioning, empathetic support, problem definition, reflection/reading assignments and encouragement, to those who are hurting and in need. 

We counsel in many different formats for your convenience. These include: In-Person (Person To Person) and we use Video - Conferencing with: Tango and Skype.  You may use the PayPal button below to pay for each of your sessions.
If you would like more information about this service, please complete the form below. One of our team will be in contact with you to review the options available, to assist you with your current situation. "Remember, you are never alone!" If you would like, you can also contact us at: (800) 649-0925. 

"Professional Listing Of Our Services Helping Our Community"


"Pastoral Counseling, Coaching & Trauma Relief Services"

Areas of Pastoral Trained and Certified Guidance & Instruction:

Biblical Counseling
Cancer Management Care
Christian Psychology
Christian Life Coaching
Critical Incident Stress Management (Groups & Debriefing)
Drug Abuse and Addictions
First Responders, Veterans and Their Families
Grief, Crisis, Trauma & Disaster Guidance
Marriage And Family Mentoring (Individuals, Couples & Families)
Suicide Awareness, Prevention, Intervention and Postvention
Suicidal Ideation Behavior

"Our services are not intended to be a substitute for professional counseling"
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Book Resources

1. "Turn Your Life Around"

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3. "Crazy Love"

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4. "I'm OK, Your "OK"

By: Thomas A. Harris, MD

5. "Born To Win"

By: Muriel James and Dorothy Jongeward

6. "You'll Get through This"

By: Max Lucado

7. "Cents & Sensibility"

By: Bethany and Scott Palmer

8. "The Freedom To Let Go"

By: June Hunt

9. "Moving Forward"

By: Everett Worthington Jr.


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