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The Corporate Spiritual Care Program  

"Creating a More Valuable and Productive Employee"  


Our mission is to “build a caring and trusting relationship” with your employees, while creating the confidential environment they seek, which enables them the ability to discuss their life issues with nonjudgmental understanding comfort and support. This eliminates any guilt, shame and fear that would continue to suppress their ability to be a more valuable and productive employee in the workplace.


People spend more hours at work than any other place in their lifetime. But just because they go to work doesn’t mean they’ve left their worries at home. Their fears, concerns, depression and other anxieties crowd out focused work time. Hospital and doctor visits create mounting unpaid days off. Sickness, trauma and death devastate families and burden employees with skyrocketing health care costs. However, employees aren’t the only ones who suffer during crisis. Time after time, employers report stories of inadequate workplace support programs and feelings of helplessness. Every year conflict in the workplace cost employers $1 Billion in losses.


The Corporate Spiritual Care Program (CSCP) provides understanding and compassion at the workplace, where it is needed most, and where it can make a meaningful difference. Because of our "boots-on-the-ground" approach to interfaith ministry, we can provide care for those who need a trusted objective friend and confidant. And further assist those who can’t bear their burdens alone anymore.


Our program is operated by a professional, certified and fully capable team who combine workplace experience with professional chaplaincy training. We incorporate management principles that provide employee support with the greatest convenience to the CEO/business owner and other related departments with the maximum impact for the employee. Our Corporate Spiritual Care Program (CSCP) provides assistance and support in these areas:

  • Developing Life and Workplace Coping Skills 
  • Grief and Loss Healing and Trauma Support 
  • Life and Career Coaching (Interfaith Approach)
  • Pastoral Interfaith Counseling Sessions (Individualized and/or Group Support) 
  • Provide: Substance and Alcohol Abuse Guidance,Training and Support  
  • Provide: Anxiety, Depression, PTSD and Domestic Violence and Abuse Support 
  • Suicide Awareness, Prevention and Postvention Workshops and Classes 
  • Workplace Resilience, Meditation and Self-Care Guidance and Support  

Benefit Examples Of A Spiritual Care Program In The Workplace:

Tom Mallon, CEO & Founder of Regent Surgical Health, explains the four main benefits of having a Corporate Spiritual Care Program Chaplain at their company. First, they care for the employees, second, they get managers out of the counseling business, third, privacy, freeing decision making to be on merit not situation, and fourth, a detailed monthly report.
What is the potential Return on Investment for a Personal and Proactive Corporate Spiritual Care Program:

  • Absenteeism costs your company $789 per employee per year. 78% of absences are due to personal problems equaling a $615 charge to your bottom line. When a resourceful and caring organization truly cares, Our CSCP Team helps resolve at least 10% of those problems, you would save $61.50 per associate annually.

  • Turnover costs your bottom line 2.5x’s per a full-time associate’s salary. A productive $55,000 a year, experienced manager leaving your company costs you $137,500. Department of Labor statistics show that 46% of the people that leave a company voluntarily do so because they don’t feel valued. Chaplains regularly help dissatisfied associates work through their problems, feel valued and remain on the job. When an organization cares, Our CSCP Team prevents one manager from leaving, the savings would far exceed any program cost.

  • Fraud costs your company an average of $4500 per associate annually (inventory, time, tools, raw materials, office supplies, long-distance usage, etc.). Behind the personal financial distress motive of fraud is the existence of an “unshareable need.” Chaplains provide that outlet which allows people to share their problems confidentially when they are in a bind. When an organization cares, Our CSCP Team prevents 1% of in-house fraud, your savings would be $45 per employee annually.

So then What are the Benefits of Having a Corporate Care Program within your organization:

  • Improves Attitudes, Teamwork, Morale
  • Enhances Well-Being of Employees
  • Increases Loyalty; People Feel “Valued”
  • Increases Commitment to Goals and Objectives
  • Reduces Employee Conflicts
  • Reduces Stress
  • Improves Workplace Safety
  • Undergirds Corporate Culture
  • Decreases Absenteeism
  • Increases Productivity

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© The Corporate Spiritual Care Program ™ (CSCP) was created and developed by: Rev. Bryan Ostaszewski and TUFF Services Ministries. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

© The Corporate Spiritual Care Program ™ (CSCP) Slogan: "Creating a More Valuable and Productive Employee" was created and developed by: Rev. Bryan Ostaszewski and TUFF Services Ministries. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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