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Black Mountain Products is one of the leading wholesale sources for meaningful gifts for over 15 years. We carry an assortment of figurines (Native American, Animal, Angel, Oceanic-Sea Life, Spiritual and Religious) Incense, Candles & Accessories, Crystals, Gemstones, Salt Lamps, Ritual & Meditation tools, Statuary, Wall Hanging, Home Décor, Figurines, Charts, Prayer Beads, Animal Carving, Garden Statues and hundreds of other new quality items in many other additional categories.

Some of these other categories include:  Christmas and other Seasonal Items, Collectable Plates, Collectibles (Snoopy, Garfield, Precious Moments, Winnie the Pooh, Comic Books etc.), Disney Items (Posters, Buttons, Newsreels, Lithos, etc.), Electronic Items and Accessories, Framed/Unframed Art, Sports Collectibles and many other special and hard to find products. 


For our local customers, we do make appointments and show the specific product samples our customers are interested in. From point of sale, the merchandise is usually delivered within 24-48 hours. 

Shipping Policy:

Paid and verified orders received by 3:00pm during normal weekly business hours will be shipped the same day. (Weekends and holidays do not apply) Orders received and verified after 3:00pm will be shipped the next business day.

Return Policy:

Items MUST be returned within 72 hours of receipt and MUST be returned in their original boxes and packaging. A 15% restocking and other special handling fees may apply.


All items that have been returned in their original packaging (unbroken and in original condition) will be processed and reviewed for potential refunds within a 72 hour period. Each return will be reviewed on its own merit of investigation for the determination for a partial or full refund.


Current Product Samples:               (Please enjoy our product slideshow)

  • Assorted Salt Lamps
    Assorted Salt Lamps
  • Singing Bowls
    Singing Bowls
  • Assorted Angels
    Assorted Angels
  • Essential Oils
    Essential Oils
  • Southwest Figurines
    Southwest Figurines
  • Wildlife Lamps
    Wildlife Lamps
  • American Eagles
    American Eagles
  • Chakra Bracelets
    Chakra Bracelets
  • Animal Busts
    Animal Busts
  • Wolf Products
    Wolf Products
  • Natural Sage
    Natural Sage
  • Eagle Busts
    Eagle Busts
  • Chakra Charts
    Chakra Charts
  • Eagle Busts
    Eagle Busts
  • Chakra Charms
    Chakra Charms
  • Yard Statues
    Yard Statues
  • Hollistic Candles
    Hollistic Candles
  • Singing Bowl Sets
    Singing Bowl Sets
  • Southwest Figurines
    Southwest Figurines
  • Healing Books
    Healing Books
  • Chakra Trees (Real Stones)
    Chakra Trees (Real Stones)
  • Liquid Sage
    Liquid Sage
  • Chakra Candles
    Chakra Candles
  • Wolf Busts
    Wolf Busts
  • Chakra Meditation
    Chakra Meditation
  • Chakra Bracelets
    Chakra Bracelets
  • Meditation Crystals
    Meditation Crystals
  • Meditation Set
    Meditation Set
  • Singing Bowl Set
    Singing Bowl Set
  • Essential Oil Set
    Essential Oil Set
  • Diffuser and Oils
    Diffuser and Oils
  • Assorted Incense
    Assorted Incense
  • Chakra Meditation
    Chakra Meditation
  • Singing Bowl
    Singing Bowl
  • White Sage Sticks
    White Sage Sticks
  • Chakra Trees (Real Stones)
    Chakra Trees (Real Stones)
  • Meditation Set
    Meditation Set
  • Chakra Charts
    Chakra Charts
  • Woman's Meditation Shawl
    Woman's Meditation Shawl
  • Chakra Tree Of Life
    Chakra Tree Of Life
  • Chakra Jesture
    Chakra Jesture
  • Chakra Heart Car Healing
    Chakra Heart Car Healing
  • Zen Garden
    Zen Garden
  • Car Tree Of Life Healing
    Car Tree Of Life Healing
  • Assorted Faux Candle Set
    Assorted Faux Candle Set
  • Flame Oil Diffuser
    Flame Oil Diffuser
  • Essential Oil Candles
    Essential Oil Candles
  • Himalayman Salt Tea Lights
    Himalayman Salt Tea Lights
  • Zen Frog Set
    Zen Frog Set
  • Zen Water Fall (Table Top)
    Zen Water Fall (Table Top)
  • Zen Incense Fountain (Table Top)
    Zen Incense Fountain (Table Top)
  • Meditation Collection
    Meditation Collection
  • Meditation Teas
    Meditation Teas
  • Meditation-Prayer Bracelets
    Meditation-Prayer Bracelets
  • Zen Garden Set
    Zen Garden Set
  • Chakra Healing Card Set
    Chakra Healing Card Set
  • Men's Meditation Shawl
    Men's Meditation Shawl
  • Stress Relief Card Set
    Stress Relief Card Set
  • Oil and Diffuser Set (With Satnd)
    Oil and Diffuser Set (With Satnd)
Assorted Salt Lamps
Assorted Salt Lamps

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