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About Us

Welcome to TUFF Services Ministries, an interfaith (non-denominational) ministry. Christianity is our chosen foundational path and we believe that Jesus Christ is our higher power and saviour. But, you may have a different belief system. We are not here to judge, convert, change, influence or even persuade you to change your own current belief system. We are here however, to provide tools and resources to support you, so you can improve your own spiritual connection and create more of an intimate relationship between you and your higher power. Our organization exists entirely on the fees received from our annual memberships, tools and resources provided and by the proceeds received from our on-line website store.

The TUFF Services Ministries is officially chartered and it's existence is validated as an independent ministry, through the National Association Of Christian Ministers. We are committed to strengthen confidence in every part of your life and to encourage personal and spiritual growth, through many resources that are biblically rooted, culturally relevant and highly practical.

TUFF Services Ministries are approved and are active members of: The American Association Of Christian Counselors and The International Christian Coaching Association, The Nevada Cancer Coalition, The Billy Graham Foundation -Hope For America, Our Journey Of Hope -Cancer Treatments Centers Of America, The Nevada Coalition For Suicide Prevention, The National Association Of Christian Ministers, The Cancer Action Network and we work with Christianity Today, Christianbook.Com, Psychology Today, and many other organizations, for much of our religious media and book material resources, training and educational materials.

The TUFF Services Ministries supports absolute freedom of religion as it pertains to peaceful, non-fraudulent activity that does not infringe on the rights of others. No one is excluded from our organization. Spiritual growth and enlightenment thrives in an atmosphere of real freedom. Jesus taught that all other teachings and doctrine can be summarized by the admonition to: "Love God with all your heart," and to "Love your neighbor as yourself." (Matt. 22)

Rev. Bryan Ostaszewski

"Minister, and Certified Counselor & Life Coach"

Reverend Bryan Ostaszewski, is an Ordained interfaith (non-denominational) Christian Minister and Ordained Chaplain. He has been involved in religious-theology practices and studies for over 30 years and has additional education and experience with many different religions and has obtained his study certification with the NACM Theological Mentor Program. He is a Certified Pastoral trained Counselor providing: Marriage, Family, Spiritual, Grief and General Life Guidance. He is a Motivational Speaker, a Certified Christian Life Coach, a Certified and trained Wedding Planner, a Consultant and Special Events Coordinator, and is also a Nevada State Licensed Wedding Officiant.  And as an Ordained Chaplain, he provides services to local hospitals, rehabilitation and hospice facilities in the Southern Nevada area and has successfully received  his certified chaplain training through: 

  • NACM -The National Association Of Christian Ministers
  • Messages Of Faith Ministry (Ordained Chaplain)  

Reverend Bryan is currently on the Messages Of Faith (Chaplaincy Nevada) Chaplain Advisory Board, under the guidance of the Board Of Directors. Rev. Bryan Ostaszewski is also a published author, participating in the "Faith Is" publication, a chaplaincy collaborative effort through the direction of MOFM. (Messages Of Faith Ministries), Chaplaincy Nevada. Referend Bryan has also completed one accredited and nationally certified CPE unit (Clinical Pastoral Education). He looks to continue his clinical education and obtain 4 additional units, for his board certification.

He has been trained and certified in Youth Mental Health First Aid "YMHFA", where he provides initial help to young people experiencing mental health problems such as: depression, anxiety disorders, psychosis and substance use disorders. And he has been further trained and certified as a Youth Mental Health First Aid Instructor, which is endorsed by the National Council For Behavioral Health, the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and the Missouri Department of Mental Health. Reverend Bryan has been trained, certified and has become a MASTER "ASIST" Instructor -(Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) and has also received training and certification as a "SafeTALK" Instructor -(Suicide Alertness), "CALM" -(Counseling On Access To Lethal Means) and Nevada Suicide Prevention "Gatekeeper" training.  Reverend Bryan has also, been certified and trained as a "Shield Of Care" Instructor, which is an 8-hour program that teaches Juvenile Justice Staff strategies to prevent suicide in their correctional facility environment. Reverend Bryan has also had extensive training in Domestic Violence and Abuse, as well as with Substance Abuse.  

**Over 1,000+ hours of: Mental Health First Aid, Suicide Awareness, Suicide Prevention and Suicide Intervention skills training provided to our community.**

Reverend Bryan has been trained, certified and commissioned by the "Our Journey Of Hope" Pastoral Department of the Cancer Treatment Centers Of America for Biblically-Based Cancer Care Ministry Leadership. He has also obtained CPR, AED, First Aid, Blood Borne Pathogen (AHA-OSHA) and extensive Psychological  First Aid training Certification. He is the founder of: The United Fellowship Of Faith, TUFF Services Ministries, the TUFF Cancer Care Ministry and the TUFF Suicide Prevention Ministry. Reverend Bryan has also received his certification in the accredited study of: Criminology, Profiling and Forensic Science. And he has had extensive Active Shooter Preparedness and Response training.

Reverend Bryan has also established two support groups: "Tuff Support Of Hope" created for Cancer patients and their family's and "Arms Of Support," created for family and friends who have lost their loved ones to suicide. The "Arms Of Support" group is also listed as part of the 211 Nevada Resource Database. (2-1-1 Nevada, a program of the: Financial Guidance Center, is committed to helping Nevada citizens connect with the services they need. Whether by phone or internet, their goal is to present accurate, well-organized and easy-to-find information from state and local health and human services programs.)

He has also received certified training from the American Red Cross as a Disaster Responder, in the following areas: Disaster Assistance Team (DAT), Disaster Assessment, Disaster Caseworker, Disaster Sheltering and Management, Psychological First Aid, Response To Aviation Disasters, Mass Casualty Disasters, Response To Weapons Of Mass Destruction/Terrorism and the Disaster Leadership Immersion Program. 

Reverend Bryan has provided Spiritual Care needs for the clients at WestCare Nevada, through their Chaplain Spiritual Care Program. WestCare provides a wide spectrum of health and human services in both residential and outpatient environments. Their services include: substance abuse and addiction treatment, homeless and runaway shelters, domestic violence treatment and prevention and mental health programs. These services are available to adults, children, adolescents and families within our community. 

Reverend Bryan has received training and certification in Opioid Overdose Prevention, Recognition and Response and the usage and application of Narcan. Narcan is the brand name for naloxone, an opioid antagonist medication used to reverse the effects of opioid overdose. He has also completed his 10 hour national certification SBIRT training (Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral To Treatment) for drug, tobacco and alcohol addictions. 

Reverend Bryan has also become an active member of the Medical Reserve Corps of Southern Nevada..The Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is a committed and available reserve of active, inactive and retired health care professionals and others who can be rapidly mobilized to strengthen our medical response capability during local emergencies. The MRC was created by our local community for our local community.This organization is monitored and maintained by: The Southern Nevada Health District.

And Reverend Bryan has received trauma intervention training through "TIP" (Trauma Intervention Program Of Southern Nevada) Volunteer. TIP is a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that those who are emotionally traumatized in emergency situations receive the assistance they need. For over 20 years, well-trained citizen volunteers are called to emergency scenes to assist family members, witnesses and other bystanders directly on-scene, during the investigations.

Reverend Bryan has been trained and certified as a Disaster Emergency Response Chaplain, to serve in an environment of disaster relief service and response. There are few areas of mission services that require greater spiritual sensitivity and more rapid response to human need than a disaster. The certification has been acknowledged and recognized by CFMI, FEMA and the Homeland Crisis Institute. The Homeland Crisis Institute is an approved CEU provider for the Texas Department of State Health Services for the following: The Texas State Board of Social Work Examiners, The Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors and the Texas State Board of Examiners of Marriage and Family Therapists. Reverend Bryan has also received basic certified training through the Las Vegas Fire & Rescue Citizens Academy/Fire Corps Program, Class of 2016. And he has received 40 hours of training in Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response.

Reverend Bryan is a trained and certified member of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department's "RECAP" Division. (Rebuilding Every City Around Peace) A division to enhance outreach, prevention and intervention efforts of the AC Community and Faith Based and Community Outreach Coalitions through many activities. Some of which provide support and healing with tragic events that  may occur, that shock and affect the safety and security of the community, as a whole.

And Reverend Bryan, in his continued dedication to serve in times of crisis/disaster through continued professional development and completion of independent study through FEMA -The Emergency Management Institute, part of the U.S. Department Of Homeland Security, has successfully received certified training in the following courses:

  • IS-100.b -Introduction To Incident Command System (ICS)
  • IS-100.hcb -Introduction to Incident Command System (ICS) for Healthcare & Hospitals
  • IS-100.sca -Introduction to Incident Command System (ICS) for Schools
  • IS-200.b -ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incident
  • IS-230.d -Fundamentals Of Emergency Response
  • IS-317 -Introduction To Community Emergency Response Teams
  • IS-366 -Planning for the Needs of Children in Disasters
  • IS-368 -Including People With Disabilities & Others With Access & Functional Needs in Disaster Operations
  • IS-505 -Religious and Cultural Literacy and Competency in Disaster
  • IS-700.a -National Incident Management Systems (NIMS)
  • IS-800.b -National Response Framework, An Introduction
  • IS-907 -Active Shooter: What You Can Do
  • IS-909 -Community Preparedness: Implementing Simple Activities for Everyone

(These courses are National Incident Management System/Independent Study Program compliant and meets the NIMS Baseline Training requirements)

Reverend Bryan Ostaszewski provides the following "Critical Incident Disaster" responsibilities:

  • Provide pastoral services to a variety of victims and team members from different denominations, including family counseling and spiritual guidance services.
  • Provide pastoral counseling as an integral part of intervention, grief counseling and bereavement support in response to disasters.
  • Provide pastoral support services to the responders and survivors and loved ones of deceased victims.
  • And provides a link between disaster response teams, victims, next of kin, concerned community members and outside pastoral care community; conduct religious services for living and deceased victims, survivors, families, friends, team members and community members related to disaster preparation, response and recovery.

Reverend Bryan has also completed his Chaplain hours of In-house Class-Lab Training, earning a Clinical Pastoral Training Certificate for: (Academy Religious Study Hours: 394 and Field Hours: 903.75) for a total of 1,297.75 training hours, in the scope of the following curriculum of study):

  • Basic Chaplaincy & Ordination
  • Science: Study of Mind & Behavior
  • Intro to CPE: Psychology, Science & Faith
  • Mental Health
  • Addiction
  • Rehabilitation
  • *Counseling
  • Spiritual & Secular Counseling
  • Crisis Counseling
  • Grief & Loss
  • End Of Life
  • *Theology

  • *Foundation Theology & Ministry
  • The Bible & Christianity
  • Christian Roles & Major Religions
  • Studies & Concepts Of Religion
  • *Pastoral care
  • Ministry Of Presence, Church/Body Of Christ
  • Hospitals & Hospice, Policies & Procedures
  • Clinical Outreach & Services, Case Study
  • Pastoral Care, Traditions, Sacraments

Reverend Bryan has also created and founded the: Critical Incident Chaplain services program (part of his TUFF Services Ministry), which is an interfaith ministry of presence and the arm of Emergency Ministries in Southern Nevada. The division provides Chaplaincy services to Chaplains and other Clergy, Military Personnel, EMS, Fire, Law Enforcement and Dispatch agencies, "on-scene" and “behind scene” activities, in hospitals and hospice facilities, with an emphasis on critical incident stress assistance. The division assists those heroes, who have a passion and calling to assist others in these agencies that may be in crisis. The focus is on breaking the silence, and asking the tough questions, while being sensitive to the fact suicidal thoughts come with intense feelings of shame and guilt.

Reverend Bryan has also had training and certification with CISM training (Critical Incident Stress Management Debriefing and Defusing training). CISM is a method of helping first responders and others who have been involved with events that leave them emotionally and/or physically affected by those incidents.  CISM is a process that enables peers to help their peers understand problems that might occur after an event.  This process also helps people prepare to continue to perform their services or in some cases return to a normal lifestyle.

In addition, Reverend Bryan has also received certified CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) training, developed by the Citizen Corps, that is administered by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), within the Department Of Homeland Security. CERT Training includes: Disaster Preparedness, Fire Suppression, Medical Operations, Light Search and Rescue, Team Organization, Weapons of Mass Destruction/Terrorism and Disaster Psychology.

He performs and conducts many services throughout the country and the local community. Overall these services include:

  • Baptisms, Blessings (infant or child, dedications, home or business)
  • Cancer Care Ministry  **Chartered, Trained & Commissioned**
  • Cancer Support Group- "Support Of Hope" 
  • Chaplain Services & Advanced Training Facilitator  **Certified, Trained & Ordained**
  • Cleanings and Banishing
  • Confessions and Prayer Support
  • Christian Life Counseling **Pastoral Trained & Certified**
  • Domestic Violence and Abuse **Trained**
  • Funerals and Grief Counseling **Pastoral Trained & Certified**
  • Hospice and Bereavement Support  **Pastoral Trained**
  • Hospital Chaplain Visitation  **Pastoral Trained & Certified**
  • Life and Spiritual Coaching **Pastoral Trained & Certified**
  • Marriage Ceremonies **Nevada State Certified & Licensed**
  • Marriage and Family Counseling **Pastoral Trained & Certified**
  • Motivational Speaker and Adviser
  • Notary Services **Nevada State Certified & Licensed**
  • Outreach Programs
  • Substance Abuse (Drug and Alcohol)  **Trained**
  • Suicide Prevention Ministry **Chartered, Trained & Certified**
  • Suicide Prevention "ASIST" Training **Certified Instructor**
  • Suicide Prevention "SafeTalk" Training **Certified Instructor**
  • Suicide Prevention "SuicideTalk" Training **Certified Instructor**
  • Suicide Prevention "Shield Of Care" Training **Certified Instructor**
  • Suicide Support Group- "Arms Of Support" 
  • Wedding Planning **Trained & Certified**
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid Training **Certified Instructor**

Amy Frost

“Next Step” Partner 


Amy Frost, MBA and MA Spiritual Psychology, Author of Making a Living While Having a Life

“My passion is supporting people in their lives and at work using cutting edge as well as tried and true tools and techniques to stay calm in adversity, to be productive, successful and optimistic even happy.” 

Amy has worked with thousands of managers and employees dealing with a multitude of workplace related issues that impact company morale and productivity.  She is an accomplished trainer, facilitator, radio and podcast host, educator, keynote presenter, life management coach, career coach, and writer.  Amy worked for the Department of Defense for 20 years as a contract negotiator and a Total Quality Management (TQM) facilitator. She was on faculty at the University of Phoenix where she was distinguished as an outstanding faculty member and was a faculty mentor.  In 2012, she was given the Oprah Magazine, Crocs Cares and Nonprofit Sector Foundation Stepping Up to your Purpose and Walking for Good Award.  In 2018, she was given the Humanitarian of the Year award by the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP).


Amy Frost

Cell: (909) 709-8076 

Objective: To use my education and broad base of work experience in the public and private sectors to motivate and inspire individuals, teams and organizations to live and work consciously. My passion drives me to select projects that focus on personal development, coaching individuals and groups to achieve their goals, and promoting self mastery in the workplace.


Master of Arts, Applied Psychology University of Santa Monica, 1996

Master of Business Administration Cal State University San Bernardino, 1987

Bachelor of Science, Business Administration University of Nebraska, 1981

Summary of Qualifications::

  • “Business Expert” EMG Radio Show, weekly, at UNLV - 91.5 KUNV
  • Co-Host weekly Transformation-Café.com Podcast
  • Frequent Interviewee on Radio and TV shows
  • National and Regional Keynote Speaker and Workshop Presenter
  • Co-Hosted and Hosted two-hour radio talk show KKLA - The Next Step
  • Twenty-one years with the Federal Government; Contract Negotiator, Total Quality Management (TQM) Facilitator/Trainer
  • Civilian Employee Organization Chairperson (Liaison between Commander and 500 civilian employees)

Professional Associations/Professional Designation:

  • Assn of Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) Member and Humanitarian Committee Member
  • Member of the National Career Development Association
  • American Society for Training & Development So. CA - Co-President & Director of Programs
  • Director National Association of Female Executives (NAFE) Las Vegas Chapter; Chair DeStress Conference and was given NAFE National Award for Special Event, Co-Chair Building Bridges to Better Business Conference; NAFE Inland Empire Training Director
  • Program Director of Monthly Professional and Personal Development Lunch Series for Resource Center for Nonprofit Management Inland Empire (IE)
  • Professional Designation in Contract Management from the Air Force Institute of Technology and National Contract Management Association (Master’s Degree equivalent)


  • 2018 ACEP Humanitarian of the Year
  • 2012 Oprah Magazine and Crocs Cares Stepping Up and Out for Good Award Winner
  • Volunteer of the Year Award for work at the Resource Center of Nonprofit Management (Inland Empire)
  • Named as one of the “Top 50 Women Who Make a Difference” in Inland Empire Business Journal Magazine Edition
  • Civilian of the Year, Norton Air Force Base


  • Training for Trainers; Team Facilitation Training Leadership in Facilitation Training
  • Total Quality Management Training Mindfulness Meditation Training
  • Job Loss Recovery Program Facilitator Thought Field Therapy Peer Facilitator
  • Trauma/Tension Tapping Technique (TTT) EFT for Careers

Key Presentations:

  • “Power Tools for Career Transitions and Advancing Your Career” Bi-annual UNLV Veteran Career Fairs
  • “Living a Self-Care (Self Resilient) Life Style – NO REALLY!” at Regional VA Hospital and Veteran centers in Las Vegas and at Veteran programs throughout Las Vegas
  • “Bringing Emotional First Aid to Your Community – Creating Community ACTION Teams” with Cindy Baker, M.Ed., DCEP Licensed School Psychologist and Dr. Kristin Miller Trauma Specialist ACEP Conference
  • "Moving from Burnout to Inspiration" at the National Hospice Conference and at the National Conference of the National Association for Female Executives (NAFE)
  • “Embracing Change” with Felice Willat, Creator of Day Runner, at the International Wellness Conference.
  • Created and chaired the NAFE national award-winning De-Stress Conferences
  • “Overcoming the Influence of Past Trauma on Intuition” with Trine Eich-Koehn at the ACEP Conference


  • Frost & Miller, (Fall 2017), Following the Yellow Brick Road: Bringing Humanitarian Work to Our Communities through the Veteran to Veteran TFT Healing Project, The Energy Field
  • Frost, A., Rutigliano, K. (2016). “Leading with Intention: The Power of Must, Will and Now” Encyclopedia of Strategic Leadership and Management, (Vol. 1). PA: IGI-Global
  • Joseph. L., Frost, A., Rutigliano, K. (2016) Navigating the 'White Water' of Career Transitions: What Every Leader Should Know with” Encyclopedia of Strategic Leadership and Management, (Vol. 1). PA: IGI-Global
  • Frost, A., Rutigliano, K. (2016). "The Leadership Imperative of Self Care" Encyclopedia of Strategic Leadership and Management, (Vol. 1). PA: IGI-Global
  • Delivering Happiness ongoing guest blogger www.deliveringhappiness.com (2012-14)
  • Frost, Amy. (2012) Making a Living with Your Purpose Career Work Book
  • Frost, Amy Lynn, (2007) Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine, Living Your Purpose While Working Your Treatment
  • Frost, A.L., & Ronan, Ann, (2003) When Work Isn't Working, Trafford Publishing
  • Author of quarterly column called "Dear Amy" for For You Magazine (2001-2)
  • Frost, Amy Lynn and Wallace Cheryl A. (2000) Trust at Work, April 2000, Inland Empire Business Journal (IEBJ)
  • Frost, A.L. & Smith-Stoner, M. (1999) Hope Skills, Sep 99, Nursing99. Springhouse
  • Frost, A.L. (1999) Taking Care of YOU increases your Bottom-Line, IEBJ, Apr 99
  • Frost, A.L. & Smith-Stoner, M. (1998) Coping with Grief and Loss (Self-Care Strategies), Feb 98. Nursing98. Springhouse
  • Frost, A.L. & Smith-Stoner, M. (l997) Nursing the Nurse, Nov/Dec 97, Nursing Focus
  • Frost, A.L., The Messenger, Nov 97 - 2002, monthly column -- “Surviving in the World of Business”

Professional Work Experience:

  • Veterans Transition Resource Center and Life After Active Duty. (2015 to 2017) Programs Director. Create and facilitate career and life enhancement programs. Collaborate to bring in resources, volunteers and programs for military, veterans, their family members and caregivers.

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) - (1997 to Present) Coach individual clients. Prepare and deliver workshops through the Community Action EAP to companies throughout the country on Anger Management, Humor at Work, Surviving Change, Communication Skills, Working Cohesively Together, and Handling Difficult People, Healthy Living and other life/business skills.

  • Music 4 Life. (2013-2015) Wellness Program Coordinator. Create and facilitate wellness workshops and programs utilizing Music Medicine. Co-Host of weekly Dare to Be Happy Radio show.

  • Nonprofit Sector Foundation. (2008-2013) National Training Director and Corporate Consciousness Officer. Worked with profits and nonprofits to support causes sustainability and bringing the community together to support good works.

  • Authentic Success Teams, LLC. (2006 to 2008) Workshop facilitator, keynote speaker, writer, create, run and facilitate success teams working with Dr. Ron Jensen.

  • Parachute, Inc. (2004 to 2006) Director, Career and Life Transition Programs. Workshop creator and instructor as well as career-transition and retention consultant for Parachute career transition programs. As Director of Parachute Associates, authored article for bi-weekly Parachute Associates newsletter focusing on

topics to assist coaches and counselors in the performance of their work. Supported transitioning employees cope effectively with the stressors of transition while creating action plans for their next steps.

  • Live with Heart Owner. (2001 to 2004) Live with Heart’s mission was to support individuals and organizations in their pursuit of personal, professional and spiritual change. Live with Heart provided workshops, keynote presentations, tools, and coaching to uncover and define dreams, reveal limiting beliefs/behaviors, and transform lives to be more joyful, conscious and authentic. Worked with Professional and Family Caregivers, Cancer Patients and their families, Government and private organizations.

IMPACT!!! Owner. (1995 to 2004) Create and present workshops, coaching, speaker, training, as well as meeting and group facilitation in business and life skills. Training Topics: Creating a Healthy Workplace; Spirit at Work; Enhancing Communication Skills; Creativity at Work; Creating Your Organization’s Vision and Mission; Trust at Work; Effectively Organizing and Conducting Meetings; Handling Difficult People; Leadership Skills; Teams that Work; Moving from Burnout to Inspiration; Management of Change; Achieving Work/Life Balance; Time Management Skills; Conflict Resolution Skills; Building Community; Decision Making; and Humor at Work

  • Graduate School USDA - Government National Training School. (1997 to 2004) Facilitated workshops on leadership, creativity, motivation, handling difficult people, contracting, negotiation and communication skills.

  • Career Institute – (1999 to 2004) Career Mentor and Life Skills workshop presenter. Assisted youth in the Career Institute Youth Program on their life, school, and career goals. Worked with individuals who came to the Job Market on their career and life goals. Presented workshops on life, school and work topics as well as ran Success Teams. (www.CInow.org)

  • University of Phoenix (UOP), Faculty - (1997 to 2003) Facilitated classes in management, communication, critical thinking, career growth skills, and decision-making. Recognized as an Outstanding Instructor, Univ. of Phoenix, Ontario Campus. A Master Teacher in the Uof P teacher-mentoring program.

  • Employment with the Federal Government – (1974 to 1995) Contract Specialist /Administrator/ Writer/Negotiator/Team Leader of Procurement Teams/TQM Training. Created and administered contracts.

Prepared and conducted training programs. Team member of group that shut down Norton Air Force Base. Completed prestigious five-year upper level management intern program Copper Cap.


"Pastoral Counseling, Coaching & Trauma Relief Services"


Community Activities:


2018 "Peace Be Still" Awards Ceremony -Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department


2018 CISM Training (Critical Incident Stress Management)


Las Vegas Fire & Rescue Citizen's Academy, Class of 2016


Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (40 Hour Class)


Peace Be Still Prayer Stand - Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department -  MOFM


Trauma Intervention Program -Coroner's Office 


MOFM (Chaplaincy Nevada) Executive Advisory Board 


Nevada State Chaplains Task Force -MOFM 


Facilitated SafeTalk- Suicide Prevention & Awareness Class -LVMPD - MOFM


2016 Nevada National Day Of Prayer Breakfast -Pastor Conference


American Lung Association -Annual "Lung Force Walk" Committee 2014


MOFM Spring Chaplain Ordination Ceremony -East Las Vegas Christian Center


American Cancer Society "Relay For Life" Bowling Event -Brooklyn Bowl

We Believe:

  • About God: God is the Creator and Sovereign Ruler of the Universe, who exists as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and whose love is from everlasting to everlasting. Everything was created on purpose, by God's purpose, and for God's purpose.

  • About Jesus: Jesus is the unique Son of God, the highest expression of God's love for the world, who humbled himself to be born into human flesh, lived among us as the Living Word of God, was crucified, died, buried, and raised back to life by God. His sacrificial death freed us from both the guilt and bondage of sin. He initiated the rule of God on earth, and is the way to, the truth about, and the life-model of The Kingdom of God.

  • About The Holy Spirit:  The Holy Spirit is active in the world to empower to witness to Jesus Christ, convict people of sin, draw people to God, reveal and implement God's Will, and re-produce the character of Christ in believers.

  • About Human Beings: Human beings are the crown of God's creation, made in God's image and likeness, and are the primary target of God's work of redemption and salvation. We are assigned by God to cultivate creation, maximize it's potential, and exercise dominion over it. Because of sin, demonstrated as pride, selfishness, and fear, human beings live in alienation from God, each other, themselves, and all of creation until we experience the justifying, regenerating, and sanctifying grace of God. The healing of creation depends on our surrender to God's grace.

  • About The Bible: The Bible is the written expression of God's Word, and it is the primary authority by which we measure and determine the validity of Christian life and witness.

  • About Evil: Evil is a reality in the universe that is in opposition to the Will of God and the well-being of God's creation. Evil results from human sin and disobedience and the activity of the agents of the kingdom of darkness. Evil is defeated by obedience to God's Word and Will, the redemptive work of Jesus Christ, and the power of God. Not all evil is moral in nature, and some evil happens because of inexplicable occurrences in the universe.

  • About Salvation: We can be saved from the guilt, shame, and consequences of missing God's mark for us by surrendering to the grace of God that reaches for us, convicts us, calls us, cleanses us, and makes us right before God. Our salvation is made possible because of the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ. The authenticity of salvation is measured by how much we reflect the life and person of Jesus Christ. Salvation is God adopting us into His Family and gifting us with a quality of life that is eternal.

  • About Living as God's People: Once we are justified (accepted by God), the process of being made into the perfect image of Jesus Christ (regeneration and sanctification) begins. We are given the gift of the Holy Spirit who re-produces the person and character of Christ through our lives. This new life implanted within us, is experienced inward and personally, but also manifests outward and socially. We begin to grow into being courageous, loving, forgiving, patient, generous, obedient, humble, joyful, peaceful, kind, creative, risk-taking, and God-loving people. We will be known by our love for God and others, and the signs of the Kingdom of God will accompany our service to others.

  • About Baptism:  Baptism is the outward and visible celebration of God's adoption of a new person into God's Family. The efficacy of baptism is totally dependent on God's grace, which is why we baptize infants as well as adults. Baptism is also the public expression of our willingness to surrender to the mission and person of Jesus Christ.

  • About Holy Communion: Holy Communion is a celebration and remembering of God's acts of salvation for us through Jesus Christ, and through the elements Holy Communion (bread and juice), we encounter and receive the grace of God necessary for our salvation and continued growth as disciples of Jesus Christ. The early Church deemed Holy Communion as the most important activity in their gatherings, so in continuity with the apostolic Church, the United Fellowship Of Faith serves Holy Communion as often as is deemed necessary or appropriate.

  • About Death:  We believe that those who die in Christ will be raised to everlasting life and will reign with Christ in God's Kingdom, forever.

"If you sincerely seek truth with an open heart, and while acting with peace and love toward others, you will be guided along the path that is right for you through the Holy Spirit!"