Certified Interfaith Pastoral Counseling, Coaching and Trauma Relief Service


About The Ministry

Welcome to TUFF Services Ministries, an interfaith (non-denominational) ministry. Christianity is our chosen foundational path and we believe that Jesus Christ is our higher power and saviour. But, you may have a different belief system. We are not here to judge, convert, change, influence or even persuade you to change your own current belief system. We are here however, to provide tools and resources to support you, so you can improve your own spiritual connection and create more of an intimate relationship between you and your higher power. Our organization exists entirely on the fees received from our annual memberships, fees received for trainings conducted, and by the proceeds received from our on-line website store. Our ministry provides many community outreach programs and the following are those currently being offered:

  • Addiction "After Care' Social Services Program (Assist Sobriety and Re-entry Into the World)
  • Certified Pastoral Interfaith Counseling (Individual *One-on-One sessions* and Group)
  • Corporate Spiritual Care Program (Creating a More Valuable and Productive Employee)
  • Critical Incident Chaplain Services (First Responder Trauma & Stress Management & Incident Debriefing)
  • Disaster Readiness and Preparedness Training (Creating Disaster Plans, Training and Workshops)
  • Licensed Wedding Officiant (Nevada Licensed Ordained Minister/Chaplain)
  • Life Coaching Services (Interfaith Approach Providing Tools and Resources For Life Growth) 
  • Mental Health Classes & Workshops (Suicide Awareness, Prevention & Postvention)
  • Motivational Speaking (Several Topics Of Training Regarding: Resilience, Self-Confidence and Support)
  • Wedding Planning Services (Complete Wedding Event Creation and Production)

The TUFF Services Ministries is "Officially Chartered" and it's existence is validated as an independent ministry, through the National Association Of Christian Ministers. We are committed to strengthen confidence in every part of your life and to encourage personal and spiritual growth, through many resources that are spiritually rooted, culturally relevant and highly practical. We also carry our own Professional and General Liability Insurance Policies.

TUFF Services Ministries are approved and are active members of: The American Association Of Christian Counselors and The International Christian Coaching Association, The Nevada Cancer Coalition, The Billy Graham Foundation -Hope For America, Our Journey Of Hope -Cancer Treatments Centers Of America, The Nevada Coalition For Suicide Prevention, The National Association Of Christian Ministers, The Cancer Action Network and we work with Christianity Today, Christianbook.Com, Psychology Today, and many other organizations, for much of our religious media and book material resources, training and educational materials.

The TUFF Services Ministries supports absolute freedom of religion as it pertains to peaceful, non-fraudulent activity that does not infringe on the rights of others. No one is excluded from our organization. Spiritual growth and enlightenment thrives in an atmosphere of real freedom. Jesus taught that all other teachings and doctrine can be summarized by the admonition to: "Love God with all your heart," and to "Love your neighbor as yourself." (Matt. 22)

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