Certified Interfaith Pastoral Counseling, Coaching and Trauma Relief Service

Chaplaincy Training Program

The Pastoral Department at TUFF Services Ministries, has created a volunteer Chaplaincy Training Program, that enhances, educates and supports potentially new volunteer Chaplain's, with the proper training tools and resources, to provide the spiritual care of patients, survivors and their families. The department’s mission is based on a nondenominational-Christian faith and is designed to promote the healing process as part of a united effort with other professionals in the health care field. This common work is strengthened by the relationship established between our department's training tools, resources and experience, along with other organizations of the religious community.

The Chaplain's in our department, are volunteers, who are qualified through their front-line-training experience, in addition to their education with our organization, to offer proper spiritual care to all people. They are also trained in the sensitivity of individual beliefs, that enable them to meet people at the point of their needs.

What does a chaplain do?

  • Comforts, counsels, cares
  • Helps, hopes, honors
  • Assists, acknowledges, advocates
  • Prays, praises, pastors
  • Listens, laments, laughs
  • Accepts, acts, advises
  • Invites, interprets, instructs
  • Notices needs, nurtures
  • Service to all

Certification Requirements:

Each individual who applies to become a certified volunteer Chaplain must, complete an application, pass an initial interview, complete and pass a standard background check and pay a one time $75.00 nonrefundable processing fee. **There are no additional costs involved for the application process** You are required to attend a 6-hour orientation class and will be provided mentorship for up to a 4-6 week period. Once they have completed all of the basic requirements, they will receive their certificate and will be part of the TUFF Services Ministries and will then be given specific assignments. Their learning experience will continue thereafter, as we will be offering additional education, guidance and support throughout their journey with us. Initial badges and other proper identification, will also be provided at no additional cost.
Interested in becoming a certified Chaplain?  Please contact us at: (702) 569-9901 or use the e-mail form below. 
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