Certified Interfaith Pastoral Counseling, Coaching and Trauma Relief Service

TUFF Services Ministries encourages family, friends, patients and caregivers to read and study books on spirituality and cancer. Some of these books are written by staff members of the Cancer Treatment Centers Of America and others are standard favorites, that provide a clear understanding of the issues of cancer.

"A Season For Hope"

Michael Barry, director of pastoral care at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Philadelphia, has listened to the needs of cancer patients countless times. From the understanding he’s gained, he’s written this book of devotions – letters of wisdom and hope saying what most doctors can’t say. These letters meet the deepest longings of patients to be heard and understood. A Season for Hope reflects the reality of life as a cancer patient as well as the reality of a good and gracious God whose word promises healing and hope for the journey.

"A Guide For Caregivers"

Every day, millions of men and women serve as caregivers, often taking care of the physical needs of their loved ones. But, these caregivers need assistance, too. They need daily, practical help in reviving their spirits and avoiding burnout. This guidebook for keeping caregivers’ spirits healthy is drawn from the wisdom of many caregivers. It’s a practical book. The chapters are short and packed with ideas you can use right away. Written by an experienced counselor and caregiver, the book is great for individual reading or for a small group of caregivers.   Order Here

"Cancer And the Lord's Prayer"

Author Greg Anderson, a cancer survivor and founder of Cancer Recovery Foundation, asserts that Cancer and the Lord’s Prayer is a blueprint for the development of the soul, leading to physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

"Christian's And Cancer"

Evangelist Mike Wilson writes about his wife’s experience with breast cancer and how their family discovered that a biblical perspective is a positive weapon in fighting through a cancer-related crisis. As a Christian, her personal faith and unique network affected her mental outlook, her mind-body relationship, and her ability to place adversity in its proper perspective. Each chapter of this heartwarming story closes with spiritual reflections. You’ll discover how Christians benefit from a God-given support system, biblical coping mechanisms, and life-changing comments on Scripture.

"Dear God, It's Cancer"

Dear God, It’s Cancer combines the hands-on experience of a medical doctor with the wisdom and compassion of a theologian to answer questions most cancer patients and their caregivers have when on a cancer journey. The authors examine the medical, emotional, and financial needs of patients, as well as their deeper spiritual concerns.

"The Hope Habit"

In this life, we experience pain and disappointment. But you have a choice. You don’t have to let setbacks define you; you can develop a confident expectation of God’s goodness in your life – a mind-set of hope. The Hope Habit encourages you to choose hope and, in choosing, discover the power it has to transform your life. This is not a cheap optimism. This is real hope – the kind that generates energy and enthusiasm, helps make decisions, inspires new ideas, provokes action, and overcomes apathy.

"When Your Family's Lost A Love One"

When your family’s lost a loved one, the reminders are everywhere. You long to return to “normal,” but you wonder how your family can live without the loved one you cherish. The journey may not be short or smooth, but David and Nancy Guthrie have traveled it – more than once. With empathy and honesty, they’ll guide you through the challenges of keeping your family together and strong. You’ll discover practical, compassionate answers to questions such as, “How can I help my children cope with losing a parent?” and ”How can we honor our loved one’s memory – and still move on?” At a time when nobody seems to understand, David and Nancy do. Let them, along with others who’ve walked this road, take your household from hurt to healing.

"Touch Points - Heaven"

We all have questions about what Heaven will be like. Now, Touchpoints—Heaven puts God’s answers to your most probing questions about Heaven and the New Earth right at your fingertips. Inspired by Randy Alcorn’s best-selling book Heaven, this little book contains biblically based answers to many questions about what life will be like on the New Earth.